Change Management

Unlocking your Workplace Ecosystem is key to a successful Change strategy

Innovation Places provides a science-based visualization and metrics approach to reducing time to “re-wire” teams in support of your Workplace or organizational transformation initiatives. According to McKinsey & Co., “70% of change initiatives ultimately fail to reach their goals”. Root cause has uncovered an inability of change managers to effectively make sense of and navigate the organization’s Workplace Ecosystem.

Understanding and leveraging Human Networks are critical components of a successful change strategy. Organizations with more robust networks can adapt to changes more rapidly and effectively. Understanding and being able to navigate your organizational culture (or sub-cultures) can remove roadblocks implementing strategies

Improving adaptability to change

Accelerating the transformation of your business

IP will work in partnership with leadership, project and change teams to develop an integrated approach that will move you to your preferred state more effectively. We serve as thought innovators to broaden the strategic options to be considered. We are also planners, creating roadmaps to accomplish effective changes.

"Change management is about getting people from A to C without anyone getting hurt."

Change Profiler

Accelerate Change Initiatives


Change Profiler

Supports the acceleration of organizational change initiatives, e.g. M&A Workplace